Peer-to-peer client for watching TV channels on the PC
SopCast v4.2.0.800
29 Jun 2020
SopCast v4.0.0.720
28 Aug 2015
Editorial review
SopCast v3.9.6.112
10 Jul 2014
SopCast v3.8.4
15 Mar 2013
SopCast v3.5.0.1221
2 Mar 2012
SopCast v3.4.8.1211
16 Jun 2011
SopCast v3.3.2.1020
22 Apr 2010
SopCast v3.2.9.329
18 Jun 2009
Editorial review
SopCast v3.2b
3.2 β
31 Oct 2010
SopCast v3.0.3.501
10 Mar 2008
Editorial review
SopCast v2.0.4.1212
14 Feb 2008
Editorial review
SopCast v1.1.2
14 Feb 2008

What's new

v4.2.0.800 [26 May 2016]
Fixed the problem that client can not login from some countries.
Minor bugs Fixed.

v4.0.0.720 [28 Aug 2015]
Improved the data transfer performance.
Minor bugs Fixed.

v3.9.6.112 [10 Jul 2014]
Improved the data transfer performance.
Fixed a bug in crash report module.
Fixed a bug in install.bat file.

v3.8.4 [15 Mar 2013]
- Improved the data transfer performance.
- Quick load when playing H.264 channels.
- Update Netherlands language(thanks to golfdiesel at
- Update Korean language(thanks to kolanp at
- Manually adds recording schedule while channel is offline.
- Fixed a bug player window cann't be fullscreen on second monitor.
- Fixed other minor bugs.

v3.5.0.1221 [2 Mar 2012]
-Improved the data transfer performance.
-Fixed a bug that channel will not start automatically if auto login enabled.
-Added Bulgarian language(thanks to safegard at, vdwind at

v3.4.8.1211 [16 Jun 2011]
Updated H.264 player.
Live FLV streaming and playback supported.
Fixed a bug in uninstall SopCast on Windows 7.
Fixed a bug that channel can not auto start by non-admin user.
Fixed a bug that picture is slow to be shown on Windows 7.
Fixed a bug that error window propting when play advertisement.
Other minor bugs fixed
Added Russian language (thanks to marrrell at

v3.2.9.329 [18 Jun 2009]
This version is supported by Windows 7 and H.264. H.264 and SHOUTCast broadcasting has been added. Additionally the SopPlayer has been divided into 4 components: SopPlayer (viewer), SopServer (broadcaster), VoD (movies over P2P), and WebPlayer (web viewer). A bug that crashes browser when playing H.264 channel and a bug in Diagnose tool have been fixed.

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